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Our services ranging from handholding to matchmaking lead to happiness ever-after.
Sellers are happy for the right price while buyers are happy for the right asset and price.
We not only toil hard for client’s satisfaction but put our heart and mind for the objective.
Now SR Propzone are venturing into
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UPSIDC Total Work
We are providing liasoning services pertaining to all the Authority works like new allotment/Resale etc.

The liason services that we provide are spread in the areas of  Noida, Ghaziabad, Greater Noida and the Yamuna Express Development Authority related works are our main line of working. Services providers, Agents, Consultants for Noida development Authority, NIDA, Greater Noida Development Authority GNIDA and industrial development authority, all types of works, residential , commercial and industrial
  • We help getting approval and permission for the land development work and allotments and settlements of different land allocations and we also take care of no objection certificate.
  • There are different dispute settlements that are a part of our services.
  • We also provide you with no objection certificate from different authorities regarding the land development work and various other related work.
  • We offer service to release approval for use of land from different quarters so that your work does not suffer.
  • If you require land acquisition for different projects; we do offer service for making easy this process of land acquisition.
  • We will help you with all the hassles in situations when you would like to rent out those lands to other people or organization, the permission from authority are to be made easier through our intervention.
  • You can often need buildings to be inspected for different physical and legal point of view and we offer extensive inspection service for you regarding the different aspects of the property that you need to acquire.
  • The building plans need approval from the Governmental quarter and these approvals are assisted by us.
  •  We provide help towards related services for land allotment for landscaping.
  • The permission for new sewer and different water supply connections can be arranged by us for you and we can see to it that the process starts and completes without taking much of your time.
  • When it comes to the different settlements for projects, you will find that it is assisted with total responsibility on our part.
  • The legal sections are the zone that we provide guidance and help in. Allotment of authority for different dues for your organization can be taken up by us and we offer guidance on legal matters and on different sections for taxation or mutation of building. We can always help you to get these registrations of new structure done in professional way.
  • The approval and permission of different projects can be taken up by us efficiently. We will also look after the allotments and settlement from different authorities and we can also work for obtaining NOC for different works and support from different departments of work.
  • The free hold conversion needs different type of following up and several other assistance and we provide that for your satisfaction.
  1. We provide the allotment of industrial plots and sheds according to the advertised scheme from your side.
  2. The transfer of plots and sheds are also taken care of by us.
  3. We also take care of the transfer of plots and sheds amongst the blood relations as per the definition.
  4. When an allottee dies; we take care of the allotment of the plots and shed among the right heir.
  5. We provide renting permission if you need for any particular premises
  6. We give assistance to you when it comes to changing the constitution of the project
  7. We even help in changing and editing of any project that you need to work on.
  8. The issue of different functional certificate can be taken care of by us with ease.
  9. We work for helping you with different grants of Mortgage permission.
  10. We help in extension of time period for the completion or implementation of any of the projects.
  11. We can provide help with issue of duplicate papers of any projects if you need by approaching the authority to issue such duplicate set of the papers.
  12. There are different surrender applications that you have to accept and we can offer you to accept such applications on your behalf if you want us to do this.
  13. The restoration of allotment or its rejection or acceptance can also be taken care of us with our vast experience in this field.
  14. We will also be happy to sought permission for amalgamation or deamalgamation of different industrial plots for different purpose.
  15. The conversion of industrial plots from its industrial land status to industrial facilities status can also be a service that you often want to allocate and we can help in providing this service for you with good measures.
  16. We can help you at the execution of lease deeds for your company and take care of all related issues regarding the legal and other conclusive matter.
  17. The extension of time period for the execution of lease deed can be a complicated job and it is time consuming and we do offer this service for our clients too and work hard so that you can get the extension without much difficulty. 
For Selling/Purchasing/Renting of property contact SR Prop-zone


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